D:NA is the home of performance artist Ernst Fischer, and a semi-public performance, meeting and research space located in a small, rented flat in South London. In keeping with its own insignificance and in reflection of its full title, the Archive is (and shall be) the home of small things: beautiful and insignificant, profound and negligible, harmless and useful, as well as harmful and useless, objects, actions and substances, including documentation of the work of LEIBNIZ, a performance art collective, of which Ernst is the artistic director.
Although a ‘revisiting’ and re-launching of a former domestic performance practice in the same location (see BRIXTON heART ROOM), this is a new venture and still very much in its infancy. The hope and aim is that the D:NA will become an artistic focal point and resource for the local community as well as for a wider circle of interested pundits. The performances staged at D:NA range from live art actions to puppetry, poetry evenings and contemporary theatre.