DARC (Documentation Action Research Collective)
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Since summer 2016, Ernst is a member and D:NA an associate organisation of DARC, which was instigated earlier in the year by photographer/performer Manuel Vason and is located at his studio near Brick Lane, East London. In August, the group completed a pilot project of its planned TRANSFORMANCE series, which entails an artist performing an original work exclusively to DARC members, who document/respond to it in various ways, either individually or in concert with others. The original performance work is not publicly presented, but is accessible only through its documentation, both on the collective’s website and at various live events (such as the popular SULLY evenings, monthly public gatherings at which artists and/or members of DARC introduce and discuss their work). New artistic collaborators in TRANSFORMANCE are being actively recruited and DARC plans to apply for substantial funding for this project in the coming year. Starting in 2017, D:NA will also contribute a monthly column on the DARC website, which will address aspects of - and developments in - the documentation and archiving of live events. For further information please visit www.darc.media or www.facebook.com/groups/darc.media
CUL-DE-SAC (Itinerant Performances with nowhere to go)
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On 28. July 2016, as part of TEMPTING FAILURE Festival (see Past D:NA projects), a number of individual artists with and without specific connections to the festival, met at D:NA to consider the formation of ‘New Networks’. By the end of the meeting, a general interest in out-door and itinerant performance had been established and a name – CUL-DE-SAC – adopted. The group meets on an occasional basis for walks, discussions and collaborations (including observing, documenting and/or giving feed-back on each other’s performances). CUL-DE-SAC has a Facebook page and though it’s discussion forum is not public, the group itself is open, so if you are interested in joining us please get in touch either through Facebook or this website.
Below: Members of CUL-DE-SAC on our first outing to Epping Forest (19. September 2016): pictures by Luna Montenegro
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Whether you call THE LAST ADVENTURE an opera, a song cycle or a Singspiel (or something else entirely), it has a libretto by Jean Cocteau (freely translated by Ernst Fischer) and a score by Lancaster-based composer Howard Haigh. Whether or not it will ever take place (here or somewhere else), there will be a CD, a collection of photographs, video clips and other documentary traces to prove that it did!,


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This is a mid- to long-term (auto) biographical project in conjunction with CHELSEA THEATRE, London, that aims – over three stages – to reunite Ernst Fischer with former teachers/collaborators from Germany, peers in the British live art community and past students, in order to present their work and to reflect on the conscious and subconscious influences that shape us and our ideas.