Co-founded by Ernst Fischer and Helen Spackman in 2005, LEIBNIZ is a fluid live art collective that aims to present socially engaged and inter-active work, create rituals and mythologies for a secular age, generate new audiences and assist emerging artists. Having worked together since 1995, Fischer and Spackman’s long standing interest in issues of home and belonging has developed with LEIBNIZ to more specifically address bio-ethical and ecological concerns and the ways in which performance can function as an accessible and vibrant means of counter-cultural documentation and regeneration.

In 2011/2012, LEIBNIZ have been engaged in some strategic re-structuring, with the launch of this new website reflecting the recent completion of a PhD thesis on the company’s work by Helen Spackman, other texts written about the company, a new relationship with Producer Peter Reed and the launch of two new projects, ALLOTMENT (incorporating PASSION/FLOWER) and SEEMPHONY.

LEIBNIZ’s directors Ernst and Helen teach regularly at Roehampton University, the Central School of Speech and Drama and London Metropolitan University.
In various collaborations with a core group of associate artists, LEIBNIZ has to date produced five distinct projects:
PASSION/FLOWER (now part of ALLOTMENT, 2010-).

Various elements of these projects have been presented at numerous international performance festivals and seasons, including:
PSI, London (2006);
four editions of the National Review of Live Art (NRLA), Glasgow (2007/8/9 & 10);
ARTS ADMIN, Toynbee Studios;
UNDERCOVER SURREALISM, Hayward Gallery (2006);
SACRED (2009 & 2011), Chelsea Theatre (all London) and – beyond the UK;
ANTI FESTIVAL, Kupio, Finland (2006);
PSI, Copenhagen, Denmark (2008);
DEFORMES, Santiago di Chile and Valdivia, Chile (2008);
RIFRAZIONI, Anzio, Italy (2008/9/10) see slideshow below;
BLOCK 33, Thessaloniki, Greece (2009);
LIFE : Lazio in Festival Estate, Tuscania, Italy (2012);
STOFF, Stockholm, Sweden (2012).
Helen Spackman and Ernst Fischer
Helen Spackman and Ernst Fischer
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Festival Rifrazioni. Nuovi percorsi di arte contemporanea a Nettuno ed Anzio

La Terza Edizione del Festival Internazionale delle Arti Performative, Visive e Musicali.
vernissage: 22 agosto 2008.
ufficio stampa: Isabella Di Cola : isabelladicola@libero.it - +39 3200543254
autori: Collettivo Cercle, Ingrid Cuevas, Ernst Fischer, Hans Focketyn, Pino Genovese, Gruppo Invsor – Urban Perfromance, Beat Lippert, Yves Mettler, Marisol Munoz, Théodora Quiriconi, Gonzalo Rabanal, Roberto Rustioni, Roberta Sanges, Helen Spackman
telefono evento: +39 069854976
note: nei siti di interesse storico-architettonico del territorio di Anzio e di Nettuno: Forte Sangallo,Borgo Medievale,Palazzo della Divina Provvidenza – Nettuno- e Parco Civico Archeologico, Villa Imperiale di Nerone – Anzio.
genere: arte contemporanea, performance - happening, serata - evento, collettiva
email: info@rifrazioni.org
web: www.rifrazioni.org
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